Taming Your Guts by Arnold Flick MD is a trip through the multiple functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract written in simple easy to understand language for the layman. It explains the function and malfunction

of the GI tract in detail, including warnings that what is currently considered functional of unknown cause may be discovered, at a later date. to have a specific cause. There is a discussion of some controversies in the field. There is also an emphasis on the need for a thorough evaluation of the symptoms with appropriate testing, since Functional gastrointestinal disease diagnosis is one of exclusion.  This is denied by some, but this reviewer agrees with the author.

Overall  this is a good reference work for  laymen who are interested in gastrointestinal disorders and are looking for an easily comprehended source of information.  The style of writing is conversational, as if  the author were in front of the reader giving a talk.

Robert A. Bennett MD
Retired Professor of Clinical Medicine  University of California San Diego School of Medicine
Senior Member American Gastrointestinal Society
Senior member American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Fellow American College of Physicians