Goodbye free speech

Years ago, Senator McCarthy was famous for, among other things, with the House UnAmerican Committee opening “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?”. The loyalty oaths and blacklists that followed are the stuff of history. Now there are companies boycotting other companies that supported Trump (My Pillow) and companies blacklisting companies that provided a voice to Trump supporters (Parler). There have been forced or pressured resignations from jobs where an individual questioned some of the positions of the ultra-left (Google, NYT). A Congresswoman (AOC) has suggested reeducating Trump advocates. Some schools and Universities and Companies have obligatory attendance at lectures promoting a viewpoint on race. Would any reader of this be comfortable standing on a corner with a sign saying “I don’t think Trump is all bad”? I think we have passed a point of no return on free speech and that, as we used to know it, it is now free speech only if it agrees with the prevailing Democratic party norm, and I’m a registered Democrat.


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