Author: Arnold Flick

H. Biden’s notebook: now it’s a fact

All during the campaign the Democratic press either suppressed the H. Biden notebook story or said it was a Russian fake. Now, with the FBI publically saying it’s investigating, the formerly silent press is running the story. Do you think this story would have changed enough votes to change the election?


Political theatre

Kids still not in school. Is a 2 or 3 trillion dollar bill on the table, 2 or 3; as Sen. Dirksen said a generation ago about a billion “soon you’re talking about real money”. Well, someone will have to worry when we all wake up. Meanwhile, the Senate is doing business by engaging in a talk-fest with a known outcome for the purpose of getting on TV and kids, and budget be shoved to the side. And oh yes, what about the Constitution that specifies ‘The President” not “A President” and states the “Chief Justice shall preside” not a senior senator? It’s ok because the Senate has decided these words are not relevant.

Goodbye George, Tom, Abe, and others

Yes, along the lines of my Goodbye Free Speech, now it is proposed, maybe now enacted, that schools named after G. Washington, T. Jefferson, A. Lincoln, and others have their names changed as the forementioned were insufficiently woke by today’s thinking. Next we will have to blast them off the cliff in South Dakota.

Well, not to worry. The school board will find other names, maybe like Farrakhan for starters.

Goodbye free speech

Years ago, Senator McCarthy was famous for, among other things, with the House UnAmerican Committee opening “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?”. The loyalty oaths and blacklists that followed are the stuff of history. Now there are companies boycotting other companies that supported Trump (My Pillow) and companies blacklisting companies that provided a voice to Trump supporters (Parler). There have been forced or pressured resignations from jobs where an individual questioned some of the positions of the ultra-left (Google, NYT). A Congresswoman (AOC) has suggested reeducating Trump advocates. Some schools and Universities and Companies have obligatory attendance at lectures promoting a viewpoint on race. Would any reader of this be comfortable standing on a corner with a sign saying “I don’t think Trump is all bad”? I think we have passed a point of no return on free speech and that, as we used to know it, it is now free speech only if it agrees with the prevailing Democratic party norm, and I’m a registered Democrat.

cabinet appointments

President Biden’s cabinet appointments have many names from the Obama years. Looks like an Obama redo so far with his first significant order the cancellation of Keystone. So will the promised flood of new money offset, in the financial sector, concern about the Obama years? Today’s Wall St suggests some uneasiness. People like to separate Wall St from Main St but if Wall St fails, then so does Main St. Separation is not what happens.

Political entropy

Political entropy, a phrase I thought up and like, means politics, like time and energy, doesn’t go backwards. On this first day of a new era, no one, including the new President, Joe Biden Jr himself, knows what’s going to happen. The Senate will try Trump, but will it convict? Much sound and fury over climate, but will it change what is happening, particularly as what is happening may not be all man-caused. How much influence will the radicals in the Democratic party have and can Biden control this? For that matter, how bad is Biden’s dementia and how fast will it progress? With President Reagan, Nancy and his coterie kept the world at length and Reagan lasted out his second term, notwithstanding the 25th Amendment. The one sure thing is that the US will spend very big bucks, bucks we create by fiat, and given this surety, we can count on Wall St prosperity, at least for the next couple months. There it is, my prediction, but my certainty is that we won’t go back to any prior era.

Taming Your Guts, more

Gettin more exposure for my book. The second edition does have a couple paragraphs on the microbiome but as of this date, the only fact is the “autobrewery”. The best hope is the material on diet for both ulc. colitis and Crohn’s coming out of Childrens’ Hospital in Seattle by Dr. David Susskind (Specific Carbohydrate Diet). All the rest, so-called anti-inflammatory diets and superior probiotic mixtures are still in the realm of promotion, although the promoters have pedigree.

yes, “leaky gut” exists, kind of

In the 2nd edition I dispute the existence of leaky gut as having been shown in people. Well, now, as of July in Gastroenterology (an authoritative journal) what can be taken as a leaky gut is shown via direct viewing. The technique is via a microscopic viewing endoscope inserted per-oral into the duodenum. When a solution containing a suspension of a food to which the patient was allergic was sprayed via the scope onto the surface of the duodenum, the cells could be seen to swell and fluid extravasated between them: i.e. “leaked”. This is really big news and the research deserves applause. Direct testing for immediate food allergy¬† can now be done, but it will be very expensive. Let’s see what happens over the next year. (diarrhea was not described as an aftereffect but rather cramps and aching).