Political entropy

Political entropy, a phrase I thought up and like, means politics, like time and energy, doesn’t go backwards. On this first day of a new era, no one, including the new President, Joe Biden Jr himself, knows what’s going to happen. The Senate will try Trump, but will it convict? Much sound and fury over climate, but will it change what is happening, particularly as what is happening may not be all man-caused. How much influence will the radicals in the Democratic party have and can Biden control this? For that matter, how bad is Biden’s dementia and how fast will it progress? With President Reagan, Nancy and his coterie kept the world at length and Reagan lasted out his second term, notwithstanding the 25th Amendment. The one sure thing is that the US will spend very big bucks, bucks we create by fiat, and given this surety, we can count on Wall St prosperity, at least for the next couple months. There it is, my prediction, but my certainty is that we won’t go back to any prior era.


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