Heart Disease and Dietary fats

3/3/15 A few days ago news reported that, with respect to heart disease, dietary fats were not as important as previously thought. This is an oversimplification in a complex topic. It has been known since the 1950s (Ahrens) that it’s not dietary fat (lipids) itself, but the type of fat. Unsaturated fat can actually lower cholesterol even at over 50% of daily calories. I have wondered about the topic in terms of how fats are absorbed. High melting point fats (long chain and saturated) are absorbed via the lymphatic system while low melting point fats are absorbed via the blood. This difference is followed by a first entry directly into the circulation via the lymph vs a first entry only after passing through the liver via the portal vein. But if interested, I can expand on this later. Goodbye for now.


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