best in Kindle sales

The 2nd edition, now out in paperback Amazon and Kindle secured first in sales this week on its introduction in its class, WOW.  And I keep running into people who are telling me about the microbiome and what foods to avoid. People, I need to say this again: despite a gigantic effort over some 12 years, with respect, there is no single fact to cling to apropos the microbiome as it relates to people. Much is made of the fecal enema for persistent diarrhea after D. difficle, but the European studies are weak, and the just assembled NIH sponsored study is comparing feces to placebo; there should be a 2nd comparison to yogurt and my guess is that yogurt would equal feces in effect without the side effects of possible toxemia and without the disgust and without the inability to reproduce the same feces next week. I did write the NIH on this, but no dice, it is late in the game for any change.



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