Yikes, another delay

Yikes, another delay. I have to share the blame; I didn’t notice that the index was omitted from the Table of Contents. Anyhow, I am told I can pick up the first run on Tues next week.
Stockmarket news; it is in a trading range. And will stay there until something happens, but for now, all the news is in; the Fed on hold till for at least another 4 months; no oil price recovery of substance for at least 4-6 months and maybe not then; manufacturing world wide is slowed; no resolution in Greece. Gold is at around 1150, looks cheap, but, yes, it can go lower and will take news to go higher on a sustained basis. I think its not too early to take a position in distributive solar and Sequenom seems to have overcome its many problems of the last couple years and the chart suggests it is in the early phase of a major uptrend.
Goodbye for now


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