Taming your Guts on hand by 3/24

Finally, an actual promised date of delivery of the bound volumes from the printer. Next steps for me will be to finalize with Amazon, get the Kindle and EBooks up and available, and get on some local bookstore speaker lists.
STOCKMARKET opens to uncertainty tomorrow; short-term is trading on the FED; then on preannouncements for the 2nd quarter earnings releases, then on fundamentals as seen for the rest of the year. I see overall fundamentals as flat with oil now rangebound 41-55, Gold 1130-1250, and the stock market stuck on flat products from the companies and an expensive dollar for US companies to overcome. I’ve got an ETF on financials, also SPY, some big moat companies (Boeing BA, Visa V, Apple APPL) and still like the 1 year horizon for distributive solar JKS JASO TSL and Sequenom SQNM. We’ll see.


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