Taming your Guts on hand by 3/24

Finally, an actual promised date of delivery of the bound volumes from the printer. Next steps for me will be to finalize with Amazon, get the Kindle and EBooks up and available, and get on some local bookstore speaker lists.
STOCKMARKET opens to uncertainty tomorrow; short-term is trading on the FED; then on preannouncements for the 2nd quarter earnings releases, then on fundamentals as seen for the rest of the year. I see overall fundamentals as flat with oil now rangebound 41-55, Gold 1130-1250, and the stock market stuck on flat products from the companies and an expensive dollar for US companies to overcome. I’ve got an ETF on financials, also SPY, some big moat companies (Boeing BA, Visa V, Apple APPL) and still like the 1 year horizon for distributive solar JKS JASO TSL and Sequenom SQNM. We’ll see.

Yikes, another delay

Yikes, another delay. I have to share the blame; I didn’t notice that the index was omitted from the Table of Contents. Anyhow, I am told I can pick up the first run on Tues next week.
Stockmarket news; it is in a trading range. And will stay there until something happens, but for now, all the news is in; the Fed on hold till for at least another 4 months; no oil price recovery of substance for at least 4-6 months and maybe not then; manufacturing world wide is slowed; no resolution in Greece. Gold is at around 1150, looks cheap, but, yes, it can go lower and will take news to go higher on a sustained basis. I think its not too early to take a position in distributive solar and Sequenom seems to have overcome its many problems of the last couple years and the chart suggests it is in the early phase of a major uptrend.
Goodbye for now

One day does not make a climate change

Hot and dry weather in San Diego is bringing the “sky is falling” crowd to life; the same people who are ignoring record cold and snow in the mid-Country and East Coast. Neither is important as a climate change when viewed in a one year or even ten year span. Over 50 years, maybe, over 200 years, yes, but even then a lasting trend has to be distinguished from a long last aberration. Plankton, the ocean as heat-sink, cloud cover, are factors that have not yet been accurately modeled. More on this later.
And my book is still in the printshop, now a week late.

No book yet; Stock market dangerous

Hard copy of Taming Your Guts now overdue; I will check with the printer.
Stock market reflecting after years of gains, now the money tap (QE) closed and more expensive money (rising interest rate) sometime likely this year. Greece still a problem and oil glut continues. Remember, while a rising tide lifts all boats, an ebb tide drops them all.

Cataract surgery better and worse

I’m still recovering from cataract surgery. It was worse than I anticipated, but not as bad as some stories I have heard from friends.
The good news is that now, 3 days after the surgery, the operated eye is working without apparent complications; no pain, the MD is not evincing any concern (“always a little blurred vision the first few days,”). The Worse was more discomfort, low grade pain, really, than I anticipated, more light sensitivity, light flashes, all this now subsiding. The Good was that, on removing the dressing after 6 hours,I could see reasonably an the blurring is minimal and clearing about every 12 hours. And no pain by the 3rd day.
Still waiting to get the published Taming Your Guts in hand so I can start with Amazon.

Heart Disease and Dietary fats

3/3/15 A few days ago news reported that, with respect to heart disease, dietary fats were not as important as previously thought. This is an oversimplification in a complex topic. It has been known since the 1950s (Ahrens) that it’s not dietary fat (lipids) itself, but the type of fat. Unsaturated fat can actually lower cholesterol even at over 50% of daily calories. I have wondered about the topic in terms of how fats are absorbed. High melting point fats (long chain and saturated) are absorbed via the lymphatic system while low melting point fats are absorbed via the blood. This difference is followed by a first entry directly into the circulation via the lymph vs a first entry only after passing through the liver via the portal vein. But if interested, I can expand on this later. Goodbye for now.